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It's exciting, fast and dynamic - and it's for everyone

While children like to be competitive, years of experience has shown Mike that not all of them enjoy the conventional format of competitive tennis.

Mike's new concept - Tennis Explosion! - gives a far wider range of players and pupils the chance to compete against each other in small teams using fun games as the format (most of which the children already know from their lessons) without the intimidating environment of conventional matches.

We have chosen out very best and most exciting games and put them together into Tennis Explosion! for all levels of pupils.

Watch out for details of our next tennis explosion dates.

This will be a great way for children to come along and practise all those fun games they've just learnt with their new and existing friends and to play with children who attend MTA courses in other venues and/or those who have not been able to join the camp. Medals and certificates will be presented to winning teams - parents please stay and watch as it's all action and very exciting!


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