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RACER is one of the most exciting and innovative teaching concepts to arrive on the tennis scene and is exclusive to Mike's Tennis Academy. The concept can apply to an absolute beginner, to the world's number one, a child of three or regular tennis player

Psychology plays a large part in Mike's teaching and the development of RACER is a result of years of on court experience, his diploma in Sports Psychology and studies in Psychodynamic Counselling.

RACER is generic and applies to all ages and levels of player. It breaks down the sequences which are required to hit a tennis ball and take a point in a game. It allows coaches to deal with the causes not symptoms and to make sure the pupil gains maximum benefit from coaching and the ability to analyse their own performance.

By analysing and understanding the intricacies of each component above - both as a concept in themselves and the interaction they have with each other - we are able to assess how they function with each person's standard and/or age level.

The concept has received unofficial praise from experts around the world including the USA Performance Centre and leading tennis coaches.


Having run Tennis Camps successfully for over 20 years, Mike has devised the RACER CAMP CARD.

The results so far have been amazing. We have had children practising more and staying on the course for longer. Coaches and pupils are more motivated, enthusiasm levels are up and improvement is higher and faster.

We believe they complement the tennis experience for the following reasons

We believe that the RACER Camp Card will make a real difference to the learning of tennis and we haven't seen anything like it out there yet. So we hope our pupils will be proud of what they are receiving and will be able to feel the benefits in their game. We welcome your comments on the RACER CAMP CARD or your children's experience with it.

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